Coffee Shop Screenwriter – Travel Edition


Coffee Shop Screenwriter: Travel Edition is a fun, story-telling game for one or more players. It’s ideal for long car rides, train journeys, and sitting around campfires. It is a stripped-back version of the full game.

By the end of the game you will have told a fun, unique story!

You can also play solo, or use this as the basis to write your own stories.

The Screenplay Beats you follow are inspired by those used by professional Hollywood screenwriters, so if you are feeling really adventurous you could use this game to write a screenplay.

Coffee Shop Screenwriter – Travel Edition comes as both a .pdf file and .png files so that you can save it on your phone in either a book app or your photo library. You’ll receive both so how you use it is up to you!


Player Count: 1 or more

Game Length: 20 to 40 minutes

Pages: 7

Additional Materials: None

Designer: William Long


Reviews for the full-length version of Coffee Shop Screenwriter:

“Many moments made me laugh aloud… If you’ve ever wanted to write a script, this is your shot at the big time.”

Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

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“Coffee Shop Screenwriter is an interesting and innovative game. It’s playing with metanarrative in a way that few other games do.”

Nerdz Garage

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