An Action-Packed Superhero RPG

Sidekick is a role-playing game for two or more players where a Sidekick helps a Superhero defeat a Supervillain and their Minions.

During the game, the Sidekick and the Superhero will continuously talk to each other so that the Superhero can better understand the location, the Supervillain’s goals, and how to defeat them.


Sidekick is built around the back-and-forth between the Superhero as they are trying to find and defeat the Supervillain, and the Sidekick, who is hidden away in their control centre and has eyes and ears on the city.

By asking each other questions, feeding each other information, and building upon the other player’s prompts, the players will create a unique Superhero story packed full of excitement, surprises, and world-ending stakes.

So, don your capes, put on your masks, and gather your intel… there’s a Supervillain in town, and only you can stop him.


Player Count: 2+

Game Length: 1 to 2 hours

Pages: 18

Additional Materials: None. You may choose to play with prompts (such as maps and comic books), and a six-sided dice, but these are optional.

Designer: William Long

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