Santa But…

A Christmas RPG for 3-6 players.

In Santa But… you play the role of one of many Santa’s but… there’s a catch. You have a specific trait that makes you different from the more traditional Father Christmas.

A game of Santa But… takes place on Christmas Eve inside a family home. The aim of the game is to find a way into the house, search the house for clues as to who your assigned child is and what they want for Christmas and leave them their ideal Christmas present before they wake up.

At its core, Santa Butis a bizarre detective game where you hunt for clues around a house to find out what the children who live there would like for Christmas which is made all the more difficult by your distinguished trait.

So, which Santa will you be?

Maybe you’ll be Santa but…

…you have crab claws for hands.

…you are a goose.

…you are made of a thousand sentient bees.

…you are a living snowman.

…you turn into a polar bear when you are startled and can only turn back into a human when you eat Christmas food.

…you are a two-foot tall elf.

Or maybe you’ll be a completely different kind of Santa!


To make your gameplay more immersive you can also add to your order an hour of fireplace ambience to listen to whilst playing. It features the atmospheric sounds of a crackling fireplace with the occasional sleigh bells in the distance.

Alternatively, you could play the game by an actual roaring fireplace


Player Count: 3 to 6

Game Length: 1-2 hours

Pages: 12

Designer: William Long

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“Santa But…” is an elegant game with enough substance and style to inspire creativity in DMs and players alike. And most importantly, it’s flat out fun.

…if there’s anything we learned from playing “Santa But…”, it’s that everything is more fun if you get weird with it. In “Santa But…” 

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You can listen to Pod Of Blunders play Santa But… HERE. Or listen below.

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