Samurai Chess

A Card-Based Chess Variant For 2 Players

Samurai Chess

Samurai Chess is a card-based chess variant for two players. Each player starts with a deck of seven cards, which represents their pieces. To move a piece, players must give the related card to their opponent. If they don’t have the card, they can’t move the piece.

It is a deeply strategic variant. Players can foil their opponent’s plans, and set traps for their opponent, based on their own pieces that they choose to, or choose not to move.


Is Samurai Chess better than normal chess? Of course it isn’t.

So why should I play it then? Samurai Chess adds an additional fun element to regular chess. It turns it from a serious game into something a little more lighthearted with some really fun, satisfying moments. Also, the cards are really good-looking!


Player Count: 2

Pages: 10

Additional Materials: A chess set

Designer: William Long

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