24 Hour Crime Scene – Travel Edition

A Crime-Solving Travel-Game for 2-5 players.


24 Hour Crime Scene: Travel Edition is a fun, story-telling game for two to five players. It’s ideal for long car rides, train journeys, and sitting around campfires. It is a stripped-back version of the full game.

Each player assumes the role of a detective who is trying to solve a murder.

Choose one person to read out the prompts and then answer them one at a time.

Each player will introduce a suspect, clues, and information about the victim and crime scene. Then each player will present their theory as to what happened using whichever suspect and clues they wish.

By the end of the game you will have gathered enough evidence to charge one of the suspects with the murder.

24 Hour Crime Scene – Travel Edition comes as both a .pdf file and .png files so that you can save it on your phone in either a book app or your photo library. You’ll receive both so how you use it is up to you! 


Player Count: 2 to 5

Game Length: 20 to 50 minutes

Pages: 7

Additional Materials: None

Designer: William Long

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